Family Dining & Take Out Restaurant, The Diner Down Under

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We are in need of volunteers to deliver Meals on Wheels. 
We cover Bath, Bristol, Glassville (Aberdeen), Florenceville, Oakland, and Centreville.  


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March 6, 2016
Back I was in grade eight there was a contest to name the restaurant.. I won that contest :)
January 27, 2013
When I enter this place it's like I go back in time because of all of the old pictures and I think it's awesome! The food is great.....Clark
November 27, 2012
My name is Emily! When I was in grade 5 I was given the option to request a name fo this restaurant. As I see, it was not name the name. In my opinion it would be a lot better if it was named The Shakey Shack. Your food is good. I think you should name the place the Shakey Shack. But I like your name.